Our neighborhood-driven restaurant in the heart of downtown Providence, is located in the historic brownstone Teste Building. Originally built in 1860, it once housed an apothecary, money-to-loan business and later the Philip Wolfe Haberdasher, inspiring the name Sarto or tailor in Italian. This historic building had been preserved and the interior has been designed to match the restaurant’s overall concept – a contemporary presentation of old world Italy, influenced by its Rhode Island setting.

sarto postcard crop smaller.jpg

Artist and photographer, Marissa Geoffroy, consulted on the interior design of the space, curated the decor and developed the aesthetic vision and branding for Sarto. Vintage finds from Italy and Rhode Island fill the walls and shelves within the restaurant, including postcards actually used for correspondence and prints on the wall from original vintage book pages. Marissa, an artist herself, also produced some of the paintings and photographs hung on the walls at Sarto.

Graphic designer Amanda Bowers Wong developed the visual branding and logo for Sarto. She has over fifteen years of experience in print design, experiential design, and branding. She is currently working as an independent Creative Director based in New York.